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Lingnan University 2019

Graduation Gown Rental Agreement

For graduates renting their own graduation gown for the 51st graduation congregation, the following has to be noted:

1) The graduation gown rental is for a period up to ***DEC 2019

2) The price of the rental is HK$** 

3) The deposit is HK$***

Return of Graduation Gown

The return of graduation gown has to be made IN PERSON at one of the two office locations BEFORE 24th Dec 2019

Office Address & Opening Hours:

i) Fo Tan Office:  Rm H, 4/F, On Wah Industrial Building, 41-43 Au Pui Wan Street, Fo Tan, New Territories, Hong Kong. (Fo Tan MTR Exit D) - 1pm - 7:00pm (Tuesday to Sunday); rest on Mondays and public holidays except Labour holiday)

ii) Jordan Office: 14/F, Landwide Building, 118-120 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (Jordan MTR Exit D) - 1pm - 7pm (Monday to Saturday; rest on Sundays and public holidays except Labour holiday)

AFTER 24th Dec 2019, please return your academic dress to Fo Tan Office ONLY

Late Return of Graduation Gown and Penalty

A penalty will be levied and deducted from the rental deposit according to the following table if your academic dress is returned on or after 25th DEC 2019:

UG, AD, HD  - $100 / 7 days

Dip, YJ Dip  - $100 / 7 days

PhD.  - $250 / 7 days

Mphil - $140 / 7 days

TPG - $$100 / 7 days

PD - $90 / 7 days

Deposit Refund

Deposit refund will be made in cash (HK$) ONLY at Fo Tan and Jordan Office